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Bitcoin VPN Affiliate / Referrral Programs

VPN with Bitcoins

Today we will deal with the question of payment options in Bitcoins at CyberGhost. What interests us the most is how it works and why it is an advantage. Then we'll look at other strengths of this provider and the reasons for choosing it. If you are interested in this topic, you can start directly here.

Does CyberGhost accept Bitcoins?

We don't need to write a long introduction here, the answer is YES: CyberGhost offers the possibility to pay with Bitcoins. And this is the payment method we recommend if you have the possibility. This payment method works very simply and is only an advantage.

How do I pay with Bitcoins?

It is absolutely not difficult to pay for a product or service with Bitcoins in 2019. Even though the crypto currencies have generally only convinced a few users so far, Bitcoins have already established themselves and are an interesting investment opportunity for many who know them.

But let's get back to the facts. If you have a Bitcoin account and want to pay for CyberGhost's service with it, there is nothing easier. By clicking on the appropriate payment option you will be redirected to the Bitcoin page.

Pay your subscription with Bitcoins

Once you are on this page you have the choice between a QR code or a URL for payment. All you have to do is open the URL in your browser and scan the QR code with your phone to accept payment with your Bitcoin account.

As you already know, you don't even have to submit your data to the provider. If you want our opinion, then we can strongly recommend you to pay with Bitcoins to sign up for CyberGhost.

The advantage of paying with Bitcoins

Payment with Bitcoins is one of the advantages if you want to register for a VPN in Switzerland, Germany or another country. Apart from the practical aspect we have just described, there is also the security aspect. Since the provider has absolutely no data from them, hackers cannot access any information, even if they get access to their computer.

But the biggest advantage of paying with Bitcoins at CyberGhost is that you can do anonymous transactions. In fact, you don't need to provide any personal information other than an email address when paying your bill with this payment method. You have the option to create an email address specifically for this promotion. This way you can protect your privacy, even when you sign up for the service.

Apart from the possibility to make payments at CyberGhost with Bitcoins, this provider also offers other advantages. First of all it is the number of servers. Currently, this giant VPN provider has about 3,600 servers located in 60 different countries. So there is room for everyone without exception.

What attracts most users with this provider are also the prices. In fact, CyberGhost offers a very competitive pricing that is worth its weight in gold and is linked to an excellent quality of service, which allows them to place online bets, among other things. Then there is his customer service. This provider offers the best customer service we could test in 2019. Apart from being available 24/7/365, the contacts also cover the German language.

Bottom line

Now that is all we can say about the Bitcoins payment option and the benefits of the VPN provider CyberGhost's offering. If you have other questions do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to send you a complete answer as soon as possible.